First Steps

We'd suggest one of your FIRST STEPS at The Crossing is to attend a gathering 3 or 4 consecutive Sundays. We would love to meet you! A second step would be to participate in STARTING POINT.

Starting Point

If you are new to our church family, we would love to invite you to attend STARTING POINT. This is a one time, one hour event that assists in your connection and understanding of ministry at The Crossing. STARTING POINT happens on the fourth Sunday of the month right after the gathering in the garage door room (above the theatre lobby). Register for the next Starting Point here.

Crossing Community

Crossing Communities are where we gather together to carry out God's mission "to make disciples who make disciples". In Community we learn to love one another as family as we learn the gospel, eat, recreate, listen and bless our community together

Each Crossing Community is different but here is what they all have in common:

  • Welcoming: Our Communities are open to everyone; all ages, walks of life and faith backgrounds.

  • Inspiring: Our Communities are places where we come together to discuss God`s word and grow together.

  • Intentional: Our Communities bring us together to do life with one another and develop meaningful relationships.

Want to get involved or get more information? Contact us here.